Don’t let environmental pollution ruin your skin

Environmental pollution is one of the problems that is afflicting the most, not only in the city of Bogotá, but also in the world. This is being evidenced by greenhouse gas emissions, which represent a risk to our health and in this opportunity, to our skin. That is...

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Do you know if you have biopolymers in your body?

Biopolymers increasingly afflict more Colombians because the use of unauthorized substances to improve body and facial contours continues to increase despite information campaigns and the different cases exposed in the media. Among the countries that have reported the...

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Computer light can stain skin

And it's not just the computer. Artificial light sources such as lamps, screens (including your cell phone), also have the ability to emit UV radiation causing a risk to the skin if you are less than 30 centimeters away. De todas las fuentes de luz, las lámparas...

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Surgery in Bogotá

Cirugía Existen muchas razones para someterse a una cirugía. Algunas operaciones pueden aliviar o prevenir el dolor. Otras pueden disminuir un síntoma de alguna afección o mejorar alguna función del cuerpo. Algunas cirugías se hacen para detectar un...

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Stem cells: increase the size of your breasts

Increasing the size of your breast without having to enter the operating room is possible through fat grafting with stem cells. A little known procedure in Colombia but quite effective and long-lasting with multiple benefits for the patient's body and health. How is...

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