Biopolymers increasingly afflict more Colombians because the use of unauthorized substances to improve body and facial contours continues to increase despite information campaigns and the different cases exposed in the media. Among the countries that have reported the most cases in their consultations are Mexico and the United States. However, in countries like Colombia, this problem threatens to become a public health problem.

Warning signs of biopolymers

  • Redness of the injected area with pain or fever, frequently when the gluteal region is injected.
  • Joint pain
  • Hair loss
  • Swelling of the legs or face.
  • Obvious deformation that impairs basic activities such as sitting, walking, eating, or impairs the visual field (when injected into the eyelids)
  • Recurrent skin infections


  • Always consult with qualified personnel and in certified places. This will allow you to be calm and sure of the aesthetic and surgical procedures to be performed.
  • Keep in mind that corticosteroid infiltration improves symptoms but its chronic use can have very serious consequences for the health of patients. It is important to select the most appropriate surgical technique for each patient because not all are candidates for extraction by aspiration.
  • The number and type of interventions depends on each patient.
  • It is impossible or it would be very expensive to give volume to a buttock through the use of hyaluronic acid, those who claim to apply it use substances similar to liquid silicone to deceive patients.
  • All substances called “biopolymers” have potential risks and at some point in life, patients will present problems from minor to major.
  • Do not allow unscrupulous, unauthorized persons without any medical education to inject foreign substances into your face or body.
  • If you have injected foreign substances into your body, it is best to consult a Plastic Surgery Specialist to perform a physical and laboratory examination that will allow you to determine the damage caused to your body.

The doctor Giovanni Montealegre Who is part of the Eciplast-Specialist Plastic Surgeons group, is a benchmark in the subject of biopolymer extraction.

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