Environmental pollution is one of the problems that is afflicting the most, not only in the city of Bogotá, but also in the world. This is being evidenced by greenhouse gas emissions, which represent a risk to our health and in this opportunity, to our skin.

That is why Eciplast, concerned about the care of our patients and their skin, specifically, wants you to pay special attention to your face these days when we are more exposed to being affected by environmental pollution.< /p>

How does pollution affect your skin?

  • Increases the generation of free radicals that favor the appearance of wrinkles and lack of firmness.
  • The levels of vitamin E and C, a natural antioxidant of the stratum corneum, are reduced.
  • Decreases the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which translates into a dull face.

Its consequences are multiple:

  • Uneven tone, dull appearance.
  • Wrinkled and flaccid skin. Being less oxygenated, it loses elasticity.
  • Stains appear more easily.
  • The skin becomes dirty and the pores become clogged.
  • Inflammation.
  • Dehydration.
  • Lack of light.
  • Acceleration of the skin aging process.

It is important to eliminate the particles that contaminate your skin since your face is the first defense mechanism against the imminent pollution that is appearing. If you do not do “maintenance” to your face, these external agents such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and invisible toxic substances can penetrate to the deepest layers of your face and therefore, your face will turn off, as mentioned above.

Protect your skin daily

  • Perform daily neutral cleaning. It’s important to keep your skin clean to prevent pores from becoming clogged and allow your skin to breathe.
  • A good sunscreen shield, remember to use it three times a day, should be broad-spectrum against UVB and UVA rays.
  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet so that our skin receives all the necessary nutrients and also carry out an exercise routine.

If you do not know the state of your face and you feel that it has been affected by pollution, you can visit us for an assessment by our professionals, who will provide you with the best advice so that you can look radiant and free of impurities.

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