Why the support

Post surgical?

One of the keys to the result of Plastic Surgery is postoperative therapy. Post-surgical massage or postoperative therapy is a complementary therapy to surgeries that reduces pain and recovery time effectively. It is performed by a physiotherapist and / or beautician with training in manual lymphatic drainage. This therapy consists of displacing the lymph – protein-poor and lipid-rich fluid that is found under the skin and is accumulated due to post-surgical inflammation – to the lymphatic channels to eliminate those substances that delay the recovery process.
The main objectives of the

therapies are:


Decrease pain and inflammation.


Improve healing and avoid subcutaneous fibrosis.


Avoid capsular contracture in the case of implants.


Accelerate the disappearance of bruises.


Other benefits.

The adjuvant therapies are: ultrasound, soft laser, radiofrequency, thermotherapy, cryotherapy and massage assisted by appliances. As an integral part of the services we offer, we have a specialized center in the management of post-surgical therapies, as well as a whole range of facial and body treatments.
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