Reconstructive surgery

What is Surgery


The increase in the pathology of the skull, such as facial trauma, congenital malformations and orthognathic surgery, has been significant in recent decades. This is why we have acquired the training and experience necessary to correct congenital and acquired craniofacial malformations, such as craniosynostosis, craniofacial clefts, cleft lip and palate, fractures due to facial trauma and bone alterations of facial growth, among others.  

Our group has the ideal personnel from the medical, ethical-social and professional point of view, to provide an adequate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the different pathologies of the skull, the orbito-maxillo-mandibular complex, orthognathic surgery, soft facial tissues , cleft lip and palate, with its aesthetic and functional implications.


Reconstructive surgery


It requires effort and knowledge to restore function, make adequate skin coverings and rebuild body structures lost after accidents, diseases, tumors, burns, infections and congenital diseases, among many others. For this reason, through traditional and innovative techniques, our select team of specialists performs complex wound closures, skin grafts, local, regional and microsurgical flaps, skin expansion and post-bariatric body contouring surgery. 

We highlight our extensive experience in head and neck reconstruction, reconstruction of the chest wall, abdominal reconstruction, limb reconstruction, reconstruction of the breast, reconstruction of the genital area and body contouring surgery after massive weight loss.


Postbariatric Surgery

Obesity increases the risk of suffering from a disease. Patients who undergo successful bariatric surgery have a massive loss of at least 50% of excess weight. This generates dermal fat flaps in the entire body contour, a condition that predisposes the presence of skin conditions such as infections, as well as influences the limitation of daily activities, which significantly affects the quality of life. 

We have a medical team with great experience in the management of the postbariatric patient, with short surgical times and low complication rates. Likewise, we have a patient selection protocol for candidates for surgery by third-party payer.

Reduction mammoplasty.
Breast pexy.
Circumferential abdominal lipectomy.
Extended lipectomy.
Extended lipectomy with liposuction with ultrasound.
Lipectomy in Fleur de Lis.
Brachioplasty (arm surgery), with management of the thoracic mammary region, each side.
Thigh lipectomy.
Complete rhytidoplasty.
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