This surgery seeks to reduce the size of the breasts, seeking symmetry in the contour of the body and improving the symptoms described, this surgery always has a double effect: reduce and lift the breasts to the desired position.

Reduction mammoplasty 1

Who is the candidate?

Excess tissue in the breasts causes many health problems, apart from aesthetic problems, such as shoulder pain, upper back pain and skin changes in the lower area of ​​the breast due to friction.


The scars are usually large, but they can be placed in such a way that they appear as good as possible, and there is always the possibility of additional treatments to improve them.

Future lactations

Patients who undergo breast reduction may experience difficulties in the situation of future lactation, because due to the characteristics of the surgery, this will necessarily be affected.


Tissue removed during surgery should always be sent for pathology to rule out conditions such as breast cancer.


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