Nose surgery


It is the set of surgical procedures that seek to improve the appearance and function of the nose, with the main objective of achieving a harmonious and symmetrical facial complex, according to the characteristics of each patient.


Rhinoplasty Surgery 1


Rhinoplasty may be for cosmetic purposes only, but it can also treat functional problems of the nasal septum (septorhinoplasty) and turbinates (turbinoplasty).

Who is the candidate?


Any adult patient who wishes to improve the appearance of their nose is a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty, as long as the medical evaluation determines that there is no additional risk, such as: diseases they present and medications they receive, that may contraindicate surgery.

It can even be performed on minors, who are at least 15 years old, since facial growth is already complete, it is important to clarify that in these cases the consent of both parents is essential.

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