What is it


Mammoplasty reduction in male.Gynecomastia 
is a word that means from its etymology “have moms similar to those of women.” … That excess of the mammary glands can be due to both a high volume of the mammary glandular component, and a greater fat component.

What is Rhinoplasty??

Nose surgery

Conocida como rinoplastia, es el conjunto de procedimientos quirúrgicos que se realizan para mejorar la parte estética y funcional de la nariz. Con este procedimiento se busca proporcionar un balance de acuerdo con las características étnicas de cada persona para lograr un rostro más armónico

What is Liposuction

or liposuction?

It consists of a procedure that emerges to remove excess fat in localized areas of the body, either in the face, neck, arms, back, abdomen, hips, or thighs, allowing the rearrangement of the skin. This fat can be injected in some parts in order to correct irregularities. This seeks to provide a more harmonious figure.

What is it


Surgery of the abdomen

It comprises a series of procedures that are used in order to improve the contour of the abdomen. This surgery reinforces the muscular wall, regains its function of retention and removes excess skin and fat tissue, which allows stretching and rearrangement of the skin and navel to improve the silhouette and achieve a flattening of the abdomen, especially in the lower part.

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