“Talents to alleviate the pain of others” was one of the phrases that Father William Hernández left in the homily of the blessing mass and inauguration of the Eciplast Headquarters. Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

A little more than 70 guests were present at the new headquarters of Eciplast, located north of the city, in Usaquén. There, the attendees shared the Holy Mass, which began around 6:30 p.m. with a common purpose: to thank God for the blessings received, both professionals, patients, employees, students, friends and family.

“We have been leaders in the development and teaching of plastic surgery in Colombia and abroad” stated Dr. Jorge Cantini in his speech and added “…we have all put our grain of sand in this project. We have come out ahead, solving all the difficulties… This is life, solving the problems that it presents us with on a daily basis”, articulated the specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery with a subspecialty in Maxillofacial Surgery.

In addition, the specialist also thanked the work team that makes up the organization and emphasized the support received by his colleagues; Alejandra García, Susana Correa, Giovanni Montealegre and Carlos Torres at the head of the Eciplast group.

“God does his perfect work through imperfect people, but with talent” was another of the phrases, by the priest, who remained among the attendees, alluding to the excellent work carried out by the professionals at the head of the Plastic Surgery Specialists.

Ángeles de luz, an allied organization of Eciplast, which seeks the physical and emotional well-being of people, was also part of the event and was one of the protagonists of the night, offering the public an excellent tasting of their work through toasts and snacks. of your letter.

Eciplast continues to provide the best solution to its patients in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery through certifications such as ISO 9001, and is currently leading the Circular Economy model for the best use of resources that generate commitment. with the conservation of the environment.

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