Increasing the size of your breast without having to enter the operating room is possible through fat grafting with stem cells. A little known procedure in Colombia but quite effective and long-lasting with multiple benefits for the patient’s body and health.

How is it possible to increase size with stem cells?

The fat represents a natural filler for the breasts or other fully compatible tissues, which can be applied for aesthetic and/or restorative purposes. The increase in volume in breasts, offering a very natural appearance, is compatible (it has no risk of rejection) and fulfills the double function of removing fat from areas where it is unwanted and achieving this increase.


How is it the procedure?

It is also known as lipotransfer and consists of extracting said tissue from the patient through special liposuction techniques -so as not to damage it- and implanting it in other areas, in order to increase the volume or correct asymmetries in the receiving area.

One of the most used areas is the abdomen since a few years ago it was discovered that abdominal fat tissue is rich in stem cells, which, among other applications, would allow, when grafting it, the result to be more effective and lasting.

The optimization of the transfer can also be achieved by enriching the donor fat with growth factors (platelet-rich plasma) to achieve the development of the vascularization of the graft and its survival in the area that will receive it.

Breast fat grafting is mainly used in patients who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, although it can also be used in women who have post-implant complications and in those who want a breast augmentation without implants.

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